What is Cohousing?

Cohousing is a modern alternative for creating an old-fashioned sustainble community where neighbors interact. Cohousing brings together the value of private homes with the benefit of abundant common amenities, tied together with safe and nurturing communities. We focus on creating community, building sustainability and enhancing our lives.

What is Coho/US?

Coho/US is a national non-profit organization dedicated to the support and development of cohousing. Coho/US works to raise broad awareness of the benefits of cohousing and to actively support the development and spread of cohousing communities nationwide.

What is our Mission?

Coho/US advances cohousing by providing assistance to forming and existing cohousing communities. This is accomplished through a robust network of skilled people, resources, access to technical assistance, and ongoing research.

Coho/US Program & Services

  • Educating and inspiring through national and regional conferences
  • Serving as a clearinghouse and connector for resources and professional services
  • Building a national cohousing community through networks and mentoring
  • Fostering a cohousing-friendly social and policy environment through education & advocacy
  • Collaborating on opportunities to grow the cohousing movement and nurture communities
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